Based out of London, we specialise in the purchase and rehoming of unwanted record collections of all sizes, genres and formats.

Our roots

We’ve been buying and selling record collections for the past 25 years and have sold at last reckoning an estimated 150,000+ records. Our roots go back to the late seventies when founder The Crate Invader (30 years digging in the crates) purchased his first ever record; a 7” of Herbie Hancock’s Rockit from Woolworths aged 9. Hooked from that moment on a 35 year love affair with vinyl was born, which has become a small but successful business sharing the music and spreading the love.

As passionate record collectors ourselves we have many years experience of buying, grading, repairing, cleaning and selling records.

We started off by selling records direct to private collectors and record dealers but now sell direct to the public ourselves at record fairs and online from our London HQ, mostly via discogs and ebay which opens the records up to an international market.

So why do we do what we do?

  • First and foremost we’re vinyl junkies, we love music in all of it’s many forms and love discovering new records. We love working with records, being surrounded by records, talking about records and listening to records. People talk about the ‘vinyl revival’ but for us the love of vinyl never went away in the first place, we were living and breathing vinyl way before it was ‘cool’
  • By buying unwanted record collections and recycling them it keeps the records in circulation and allows new fans access to music that otherwise they wouldn’t get to hear.
  • We love rescuing unloved and forgotten about records from garages, cupboards, lofts and self storage units. For us records should be out there being listened too and shared and not hidden away collecting dust or rotting away.
  • Some people sell because they need the money and we’re happy to help, always paying fair prices and sometimes when the situation arises a little over the top.
  • We get to meet some really great people; fellow collectors, musicians, DJ’s, record dealers, sellers, music journalists, from every walk of life and corner of the earth, all with a story or two to tell about their passion.