Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes, we’re interested in any size record collection from 1 to 50,000+

There’s no easy answer to that as some records are worth more than others and some are very sought after, however the majority of records are not actually that valuable. I don’t know where or how it started but there’s a myth that all records are worth lots of money (as an example just have a look at the prices charity shops are charging now), but it’s just not true.

Yes, we offer a nationwide and European collection service. Records from outside the EU are shipped to us.

Yes, absolutely. It’s in both our interests to keep your records safe and secure and our insurance fully covers the value of your collection whilst it’s in our safekeeping.

Again yes, we’re both protected with a legally binding contract. However if you change your mind and want to keep hold of your collection before we’ve started the process of selling it that’s fine. We’re flexible and understand that situations and circumstances change.

That entirely depends on how busy we are and how many collections we’re working on. The average is 4-8 weeks. If you need the money in a hurry you’re probably better of selling your records as opposed to auctioning them.

The usual suspects; pop, classical, country, easy listening, 78’s – I know, I know..we’re missing out on some collectable records in amongst that lot but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere right.

I love a 2nd hand record shop as much as the next man and have no wish to put them out of business but from a purely financial point of view their overheads are going to be higher than ours so the chances are they’ll offer you less and we can afford to offer you more.

Absolutely, we’ve had some amazing collections coming in from overseas over the years and are always happy for more. Get in touch!

We do, about 50% of the records we sell are purchased from abroad to many countries inc the US, Russia, Scandinavia, Spain, France, Italy, Canada and Japan.

We offer international shipping to most countries. Check out our eBay shop for prices and availability.

We mostly sell on eBay or direct to private collectors/investors via our network. Either way we’ll get you the very best price.

Goldmine. The original and best

Yes we’ve just opened up a shop on discogs, you can visit it here

Easy, via an initial phone call or skype or you can email us photos or a list.

We’ll either make you an offer there and then and arrange collection or we’ll arrange to visit you and look at the collection in person.

We don’t have a fixed commission rate as all collections are different. For example we charge lower rates for more valuable collections and more for less valuable collections.

All rates are pre negotiated with you before proceeding.